Becoming a Member of Collective Spaces

Thank you for your interest in our community! Deciding to join a project like this is a big decision for everyone involved, and we are grateful for your consideration. The process below is designed to give time and space for incoming members to be a part of our space and process while stepping into the full benefits and responsibilities of membership.

Becoming a member of Collective Spaces is a two-phase process that may take up to six months. In this time, incoming members have a chance to experience the CS community both online and on the land, and make the rounds in our Circle meetings to ease into our governance process.

First, anyone interested in joining CS will fill out an online questionnaire. The second step is an online interview with CS members to go over your responses and discuss the project in greater detail, as well as your experiences, skills, and ideas you’re bringing with you. Once these steps are completed, the Membership Circle will discuss and decide to move forward.

Step 1: Become a Participant

An incoming member who is not ready to apply for full membership may begin as a Participant for up to three months, a period that gives incoming folks a chance to attend any circle meetings and access the Collective Spaces Discord server and shared Google Drive. Participants may also attend CS camping weekends or join in on projects happening on the land.During this time, Participants may bring proposals to a circle by working with an existing member.

Participants may not serve as any of the four roles within circles or vote during proposal rounds.At the end of the Participant phase (90 days), the incoming member has the option to continue on the path to becoming a Member or disengaging from the process.  Should they disengage, they are still welcome to join us for community events, but will lose access to closed meetings, internal documents, and internal discussions.

Step 2: Trial Membership

After (or instead of, if the incoming member is ready to jump in) the Participation phase, an existing member may propose to the Membership Circle that the interested person become a Trial Member, a phase that lasts up to three months (90 days). At this point, the incoming member will begin to pay monthly contributions, which will be held in escrow. If the incoming member decides not to officially join, those contributions will be returned in full.

Within the 90 day period of Trial Membership, an existing member can make a proposal to the Membership Circle to grant full Membership, including the ability to hold any of the four roles in Circle meetings and vote in proposal rounds.  This proposal is automatically put forward at the end of the 90 day period.

Step 3: Full Membership

At this point, the transition into full Membership is about the legal formalities. Once the papers are signed, you'll be a full Member of Collective Spaces.

Benefits of CS Membership

  • Set up and continuity of a capital account for the member
  • The ability to participate in Circle meetings and vote in proposal rounds
  • General use of the land (within bounds set by the organization)
  • General use of the land for larger projects after proposal approval
  • Taking part in the future of the project and community
  • Participation in a community that seeks inclusion

Responsibilities of CS Membership

  • Take part in the CS governance process
  • Abide by the decisions of the organization
  • Show interest in protecting and utilizing the land according to CS values
  • Contribute to monthly membership dues
  • Sign the CS Operating Agreement and other necessary paperwork

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