About Collective Spaces

We are a group of people who came together in solidarity around a piece of land in southern Virginia.  We come together in the belief that we can foster the growth of a community that is rooted in this land, tied to our greater community through various intersectional solidarity projects.

As we work towards our dreams of inspired community development, we will be building camp sites, eventual communal housing, and an event space on this beautiful 200 acres near South Boston, Virginia.  We’re coming together as a community of people committed to cooperative ownership, sustainability, and class solidarity. We’re continually strengthening our connections with each other while laying a foundation for what comes next.

Come back in order to see our, and hopefully your, ideas come into reality; it’s not just about what we build, and where - it's about why and what impact our actions have.

Collective Spaces is about asking how and why:

  1. How do we build an equitable structure in a larger society that is deeply inequitable?
  2. How do we enact our values of diversity and inclusiveness?
  3. How do we cultivate collective decision making?
  4. How do we design systems that are sustainable?

More than a collection of buildings in a particular place or even a group of people, a community is greater than the sum of its parts.


The learning, growth, and healing that happen as we connect with each other and the land is the fiber that holds Collective Spaces together.

This land is part of the vast tracts of stolen ancestral land of the Occaneechi Tribe in the VA and NC area and we recognize the history and trauma that is tied to the land and the people who lived, and continue to live, on those lands.  We are working towards connecting and collaborating with the tribal community that lives within the South Boston area.  More on this as it develops.

Read more about becoming a member of Collective Spaces here