Members of Collective Spaces have adopted a system of governance based on Sociocracy. This is a non-hierarchical approach that spreads out decision-making power among small groups, which are called circles.

Each circle has a specific scope that pertains to an aspect of our organization. The current CS circles are:

  • General Circle
  • Membership Circle
  • Infrastructure Circle
  • External Communications Circle
  • Internal Communications Circle

How sociocracy works

Each circle meeting is led by a facilitator who guides the discussion based on the agenda. The facilitator uses rounds to hear input from each attendee.

Participation is the key to sociocracy!

Each meeting begins with a check-in round, where attendees share a general update about themselves and their emotional state as the group begins the meeting.

From there, the facilitator will introduce topics and initiate rounds for questions, concerns, and consent as needed. This format is designed to bring circle members into the process, which spreads out decision-making power and helps us consider proposals from as many perspectives as possible.

Sometimes, proposals are passed quickly, and sometimes it may take multiple meetings plus online discussions to hammer out the details of a plan.


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