Member Intro – Dove

Greetings we are bliz and dove! We came to this project through our love of Burning Man and our desire to bring that ethos (or our interpretation of it) into…

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Member Intro – Yona

Yona with Collective Spaces

I joined Collective Spaces because it is a unique opportunity to own a large amount of land at a cost that I am comfortable with, in collaboration with competent people…

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Member Intro – Liz

Lizifer with Collective Spaces

For almost as long as I’ve considered what my future might hold, the idea of large swaths of land and an intentional, collective community has been my go-to daydream.  As…

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Member Intro – Joyce

It started with a Facebook post. The timing probably was a factor; in early 2021, after a year of Covid-related stress and despair, I was hungry to connect with people…

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