More Than Membership

One of the first things Collective Spaces members did was purchase this piece of property in Virginia. In order to do so, we split the cost of the down payment between our group members and pods. Moving forward, our goal is for this land to benefit all members equally, regardless of how much or how long they've been contributing.

Your monthly membership contributions support the Collective Spaces community by empowering us to make improvements on the land, initiate projects, and host events. Membership contributions also secure your right to fully participate in Circles and our governance process.

But more than that, each Member also has a capital account that represents the value of their contributions and membership unit. Each Member (or pod) represents one membership unit, regardless of the value in that Member's capital account.

In this way, money does not buy a "bigger voice" or larger amount of impact. A new member who has made contributions for only a few months has the same voice as someone who has been contributing for a year or more.