There are currently just over a dozen Collective Spaces Members and about a half dozen Participants. As a group, many of us have roots in regional Burns as well as Burning Man. The 11 Principles are near and dear to our hearts, and are a part of our shared language.

We are located across the United States, although many of our members are located within a couple hours of the land in Virginia.

Learn More About Us

Check out our Members' introductory blog posts to learn more about who we are!

Peter - "The entirety of my adult life – ever since my Junior year of high school, if that counts as adult life – I have envisioned living within a community..."

Joyce & Ryan (Podmates) - "It started with a Facebook post..."

Lizifer - "For almost as long as I’ve considered what my future might hold, the idea of large swaths of land and an intentional, collective community..."

Yona - "I joined Collective Spaces because it is a unique opportunity to own a large amount of land at a cost that I am comfortable with, in collaboration..."

Dove & Bliz - "Greetings we are bliz and dove! We came to this project through our love..."